It's glueing time

When your rug is finished with tufting, it is glueing time :)

We use natural latex for our carpets. It sticks the fibres to the primary backing cloth. The glue is white when it is liquid and turns almost fully transparent when dry. Note that it stinks a bit when it's liquid, however, the smell disappears when the glue starts drying. Simply open the window if the smell is too strong for you. 

Once dried, you can opt to glue another fabric over the glued side of the rug. Alternatively, you can use the rug without additional fabric, the natural latex on the backside directly makes your carpet anti-slippery.

Another benefit of the natural latex is that you can choose the colours of the glue. You can add latex colours until you get the colour you want. Keep in mind that the colour of your glue gets more intense when dry. 

Carpet backside glueing Add colours to your glue Glued backside of the rug after drying
For applying the glue i use a big regular paint brush. Because of all the glueing it is not really a brush anymore, it looks more like an elastic spatula :)
When liquid the glue is white. After drying it looks transparent. If you like to have a coloured rug backside, just add colours to the glue before applying.
Glued rug backside after drying. The yarn is now fixed to the backside. You can cover it with a nice piece of textile or leave it as it is.